I am Chetan Bhawani, a dentist and a tech blogger! I have been into Dentistry and Blogging at the same time since 6 years. Why both? Dentistry is my profession and Blogging, Technology has been my passion! There’s a satisfaction of seeing smiling faces around in Dentistry, while there is some actual audience asking for my opinions in the world of technology. When there is fun in both, why choose one?

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The journey started together, in 2007 when I was still someone with multiple thoughts about the plans ahead, and while choosing Dentistry, the eyes were stuck on the laptop screen for hours every day. From then, I started writing and freelanced for a few months before starting my own blogs to pin down my thoughts on various stuff – movies, people, books while on the other end, there was some serious education part going on as well. I put both of them together to give dental and medical tips on┬áthe web, but that interest was far gone when I started reading, learning and then writing about technology.

In the early days, it was about every tech product, utility and software that I learned using, but later, the focus was on gadgets and mobile phones. Now I write on several tech blogs, especially the ones which are dedicated towards mobile phones.

Read my write-ups in the blogs mentioned below.

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