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Android One Logo

How successful will the Android One program be?

Android One is the latest project from Google, and this targets those phone users who haven’t tried out a smartphone yet. It is made with Google’s pure Android OS and stock ROM and Google is taking care of most of the stuff including the specifications and even the design part. The most interesting part here […]

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

How Good is the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom?

Samsung is one of those brands getting a severe criticism for the repetitive stuff, especially for the flagship devices. But that hasn’t been the case for them with the Note series and the special devices, such as the cameraphones. The Galaxy K Zoom is one of the specials from them, and I totally am in […]

Apple Macbook Pro Chetan

Welcome to new Beauty – the Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch

This is not the latest one, but still the best for me. I have been using a Lenovo G505s with a good power since a year and was quite happy with it, but when you talk of Mac against Windows, the former is what I would choose. There are certain limitations in both, but you […]