Chetan is an upcoming platform that is going to see a good sunshine in the coming days. Already getting an investment of over $3 million from 15,073 participants says a lot about how well it is received, and the TIO tokens that it sells are available in several exchanges including okex, Bancor,, Tidex, Kucoin, Hitbtc, and Idex. provides efficient, fair and safe blockchain technologies to financial market participants. It introduces professional experience and a carefully developed structure to the exponentially growing crypto industry. Through education, support and research, it claims its role as the leading blockchain firm in the financial markets.

The Trade Token (TIO) is an ERC-20 based token, introduced to the communities in Autumn 2017 in association with the launch of the company’s ICO. Demand for the token was so high that the company crowdfunded over $31 million dollars as a result of the TIO sale. At the time of writing, the TIO is currently available to buy on a range of popular exchanges including OKEX, Bancor, GateIO, Tidex, KuCoin, HitBTC & IDEX.

What is special about the TIO compared to other altcoins?

The TIO acts as an access key to the company Liquidity Pool. By ‘lending’ a minimum of 2500 Trade Tokens to the pool, the company will pay out interest to the trade holders on a daily basis according to a variety of factors influenced by the environment, conditions, performance and underlying company costs.

The value of the Trade Token reflects the strength of the company and its ability to fulfil its promises to its community. The management and the board team have called upon their financial expertise, their technical know-how, and most importantly their common goal of making the financial environment a safer, faster and more ethical environment for financial participants all around the world. With the huge range of offerings on the horizon, almost ready to launch – they pledge not to disappoint our valued community.

June 30, 2018 with TIO tokens is going to go huge is an upcoming platform that is going to see a good sunshine in the coming days. Already getting an investment of over $3 million from 15,073 […]
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