Food changes for a better, healthier lifestyle

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Food changes for a better, healthier lifestyle

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There have been so many unfortunate incidents around me in the past few months, where I saw a close relative of mine, around 45 year old, healthy and good, but leaving the world all of a sudden. The same day, a blogger who followed me on Twitter and we rarely had an interaction, but was quite known to other bloggers around. He was 28, and he died of cardiac arrest. Another blogger recently suffered a heart attack. These are not uncommon, but enough for me to hit the alarm button for my own habits and health care.

Fortunately, to start with, I have been in a family and a good circle of friends who doesn’t smoke or booze. So I never ever felt like this is something I am being forced into by anyone. I’ve seen people doing everything to come out of addiction, but you cannot get over it if you won’t convince your mind.

pic source: Maja Petric on Unsplash

Here’s what I had changed in the past and what I am changing now.

No Soft Drinks: Every soft drink, e.g. Coke, Mirinda and such stuff, and even Maaza is what I have stopped since more than two years. Now, I never miss it. They were good to taste till the last drink, but once I stopped it, they just look bad.

No TEA (in capital letters): This was a kind of addiction to me. If there was something I wanted to sip in, it was tea. That is how addiction usually is, you just don’t notice you are always having something until you realize you had a lot of it. 3-4 cups of tea in a day is more than normal for me, so I stopped it entirely, last week.

No Maggi & Noodles from other brands: The “other brands” mention is to say I’m no maggi hater. It was the alternative almost always during my five years in hostel. Later, I rarely had maggi or any noodles. Why? there was no need when I was at home. Fortunately, I am safe from all the stories around it now. Lead, MSG, and what not.

No Burgers, Pizzas & the dedicated food joints: No Dominos, no Pizza Hut, no McDonalds, and no Burger King! Stopped it a while back, but the craving doesn’t go away. It feels like if I’m not having a burger at McD, I at least should have some french fries, or at least a Taco at Dominos. A better option – stop going to those food joints. No crave, no alternative.

No Bournvita/Boost: Having a glass full of milk is always good regardless of age. Bournvita is what I preferred as the mix in milk, because others didn’t taste as good. But why even bournvita? Because there was no alternative, and I cannot take plain milk. But I’ve started drinking milk with a powder having sugar, Almonds and Cardamom.

3+ litres of water every day: That was easy for me. At one point, I wouldn’t drink even a litre and a half. But now, with the fitness bands I am wearing and logging the daily intake, I motivate myself to drink water to the set target of 3 litres.

I’m looking forward to more changes, as I know I am still having a lot of junk food. At least with the liquids, I am controlling a lot. Some things are just quite okay, some are enough to inspire others around.

I always have one thing in mind – “Inviting a disease into your body is mostly under your control, but inviting death to unfortunate incidents is not. You can’t just throw everything on luck”. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle ahead.

Do you have any suggestions? or are you following any food habits? Do comment!

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  1. Varun says:

    This is a great initiative taken by you chetan, looking at the busy schedules and the constant tensions added with the sedantary life styles which we are getting used to or i must say forced to is making life a lot stressful and the body is the one taking the toll.
    Looking at your post and the Yoga day initiative, has really got me inclined to start having a healthy lifestyle myself. Cannot stop all at once but will surely look to restrict myself from all the well advertised slow poisons available in the market.

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