My first Hyderabad Foodathon at Charminar – Experience and Pictures

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My first Hyderabad Foodathon at Charminar – Experience and Pictures

Hyderabad Foodathon Charminar

I’ve been to Tweetups, have been to other social meetups, and even to Photo Walks. The Photo Walks have been always interesting and good, as they are more of a learning experience than fun. You get to meet some professional photographers who share some good tips and you get to know a lot.

But Foodathon? Interesting, I’d say. Not because you learn much here, but because you find similar people interested in munching same type of food, and talking about food and nothing else. I’m not even sure if this was the first for everyone there, but it was a *first* for me, and I loved it. What I loved more, was the fact that people enjoy food, irrespective of the place.

Many don’t even care if it is a local cafe with not-so-good hygiene (not that I am saying hygiene is not important), or if it is a top-class restaurant. Munching, enjoying all the taste is what is important for foodies. I’m not a big foodie. A veggie with very limited options I keep for myself, but still, Charminar Foodathon is what I loved. Most of the places in the list had what I can easily call as my favorites. Read below for the list of places.

Starting with the early morning Irani chai at Nimrah Cafe, just in front of Charminar, and then moving to Govind ki bandi, which has one of the best dosa as well as Tava Wada! That is where I felt I’m done with it. Who’d want to change the taste you have in mouth after having the wadas? But, there was much more to have ahead. Shadab Hotel was good for a friend, typical non-veg (Nihari, Bheja) stuff, followed by Agra sweet house where the Kesar Pista lassi was so heavy that I had already planned to skip my lunch 😉

A very nice idea by Hyderabad Foodies and TimesCity to bring people together, and I’m sharing this only so that more people choose to join in, next time whenever a Foodathon is planned in Hyderabad. Charminar was an apt choice, with the type of food you see there in the morning!

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