Ola Cabs and My List of Experiences with it (Good and Bad, both)

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Ola Cabs and My List of Experiences with it (Good and Bad, both)

OlaCabs Trip Report

Listing down all the good and bad experiences with Ola Cabs, based on the events that happened. Other ones will be added later, but this one is the latest, and the worst.

12th January 2015 (exactly at 11:59 p.m.)

OlaCabs Trip Report

To start with, I was on bike with my friend who was dropping me at a point and luckily, I saw the cab available at that exact spot. I booked it and waited just 50m away from it to get a call from the driver. He didn’t call, obvious because he was standing outside the cab and talking to some other guys. I went to him and asked him if he’s from Ola, he then checked the phone and asked me where I wanted to go. Nothing new, as every Ola driver asked me and one of them had once canceled the trip after I mentioned a place which was not too far for him, I guess.

I got into the cab, and he deals with the other guy who wanted to go to the same locality, and he asks him to hop on. Doesn’t even ask for my permission, and just informs me that he is adding him.

He drove very rash only to reach some targets given by Ola. If cabs are for your targets and not passengers, its the worst Ola is doing. And during the entire trip, never was a moment where I saw speed lesser than 60kmph and it commonly hit the 90kmph mark between trucks on the highway.

He just kept talking to the other guy (who was sitting on front, paying him extra.. Rs. 20 for the entire trip) and kept telling him that he wouldn’t have drove this fast if it was not for the target, or he wouldn’t have risked life over money for the same. Even before I reach my destination, he asks me if I am close to it and as I said yes (about 200m), he ends the trip on the app and then drops me later at my place. My second bad experience with Ola.

Few things:

  • Targets are set by Ola for the drivers, and it has nothing to do with the passengers. Where is the speed limit? Over 90kmph without any problem, risking the life of the passengers only so that the targets are met?
  • The extra passenger had to pay just Rs. 20 to reach the same area where I am charged Rs. 133 to reach. It’s ok, and not the fault of that person. Isn’t the driver trained to not act like a shared taxi driver here? If it was a female, where is the safety? Putting an SOS emergency button in the app is enough?
  • The road I came on, is one of the busiest, throughout the day. It is a highway with trucks on either sides and this guy enjoys the cuts and swift turns to keep the pace high. He took 15 minutes, exactly, to drive for 11.7 kilometers, and this street is where we never reach in lesser than 30 minutes.
  • I’d just be received yet another apology call from Ola team while the driver will still be driving in the same way, every day to reach the target and get the promised bonus.

30th Nov 2014, 09:54 a.m. (A nice quick trip)

This was a trip where Ola actually came to the rescue where no other cabs were available, and the streets were the busiest after the Hyderabad 10k Run, with thousands looking for cabs and auto rickshaws. We just booked the cab, and the driver didn’t even utter a word about the traffic jam or anything. Just followed the instructions for directions to locate the guys, picked them up and drove them to destination. A good one for them, especially with such rush around.

26th Nov 2014, 09:44 p.m. (left stranded at Airport)

So I return back from New Delhi, and I look for a cab with Uber and TaxiForSure, none of them show a cab available and that is common as they usually don’t take rides from Airport to the city. Same could be the case with Ola but I was told they do take passengers if they came to drop someone. I see a cab available and book it. Now, there starts the scene.

Ola Cabs Airport

The driver calls me whether I am going to come down or stay at the level where I exit the airport (1st floor) and I inform him I am fine with coming down if he is at the parking. He says he is at a fuel station for refilling and will be here by two minutes. 30 minutes later (I was patient, knowing that this is Airport and he might have to come from some distance), I call him to ask where he was. He says I’m not far and will be there in five minutes now. And only after 15 minutes, I check the app to see the cab disappeared and the booking is canceled.

Wait, it wasn’t canceled. The trip started and ended with a distance of 0.1 kilometer. When did the cab come and pick me up, to drop me after 100 meters? The invoice sent to me was Rs. 505, and luckily I didn’t have to pay as I took it to Twitter to ask @Olacabs what is going on. The amount was refunded and I got the apology letter.

On the same night, about 1 a.m., I get the call from the driver asking me where I am. What the hell? couple of hours after I reach and when I am already asleep, he asks me that question?

But as above, a few questions.

  • After 10 p.m. at night, may that be any gender (its worse if a female, of course), is it safe to trust the cab services and wait for the drivers who hold their own rights in accepting the rides?
  • Does everyone use social media to complain and get live answers from the company? if not, I am seeing many passengers being cheated and then wasting some money in calls and stuff, to get the amount refunded for the trip which never happened.
  • It is clear that Ola cabs is much more economical than the trustworthy Meru Cabs in this case, as the drop from Airport to a location 33km away costs Rs. 505 on Ola (fixed), while it could range from Rs. 800 to Rs. 950 in Meru. But is Ola taking an advantage of that and compromising with the service?
  • With regards to the call that I get couple of hours after all the hassle, again, I bashed him and left it on Ola to take action. But still, was this all a joke?

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