Beware – The product you purchased from Online Stores might not be covered under Warranty

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Beware – The product you purchased from Online Stores might not be covered under Warranty

The products you purchase from online retailers, especially the big three that are mentioned every minute now – Flipkart, Amazon India and Snapdeal, can be one of those which are not covered under warranty by the actual company. This is weird enough, because you are paying almost the same amount except for some deals, but several companies have started stopping the honor of warranties for purchases that are made on online retailers.

It could be either a Smartphone, a Laptop, a Camera and each of them are purchased after you spent thousands of rupees, but when any of them need a service, or stop functioning, the service center guy is simply going to nod his head for a free warranty claim.

Here are the brands that are not honoring warranties for the products purchased from Flipkart, Snapdeal or Amazon India. I am still trying to find more details, more brands so that you check that before you purchase your next gadget online.

  • Samsung: Flipkart
  • Nikon: Flipkart, Snapdeal
  • Lenovo: Flipkart, Amazon India, Snapdeal
  • Toshiba: Amazon India
  • Sony: Flipkart
  • Dell: Amazon India
  • ASUS Notebooks: Snapdeal, Ebay India, Amazon India and Flipkart

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According to a report in The Times of India, consumer goods companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG have stopped their sales on the website for now and are even mulling legal recourse to the “predatory pricing” moves by the company.

“These goods are being sold through unauthorized channel partners, which is like buying from the grey market. How can we provide a service cover?” a senior executive of a company has been quoted as saying in the report.

This was since long, but now many brands are doing the same - not honoring warranty for online purchases.

This was since long, but now many brands are doing the same – not honoring warranty for online purchases.

Note: Don’t come to a conclusion about the tablets / phones / laptops from a company and assume that it is all products from that particular brand, because there are cases where phones are exclusively sold through one of these online stores, and the warranty coverage is there in such exceptions. The above list will be updated again, very soon.


Even LG had sent an awareness notice to the customers regarding products being sold online under promotion schemes (Dated 29th March 2012):

Some websites are offering special price for products under the brand name “LG” if purchased online through their web portal. Some of the models offered by them may not be suitable for Indian Conditions or may have been discontinued by us and therefore you may not find it on the shelves of regular stores. Since these online traders are not associated with us, they are not authorized to commit about the product’s merchantability on our behalf. Such online traders may not pass on the combo offers or any sales promotion schemes, if any, offered by us.

This notice is to aware our esteemed customers before buying from such sites that we shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever in the absence of any after sales support by us for any obsolete model if sold to you by them or any sales promotional/ combo scheme not offered to you by them, when offered by us.

Asus India

Later, ASUS India, on 1st of April 2014 had changed their warranty rules, and mentioned about the top 4 online stores, saying there is no validity on the warranty on the products that are purchased from there. It was specifically about Asus-branded notebooks.

Asus India Warranty Letter


Canon India

Check the two images below, one where Canon India talks about warranty coverage with online “authorized” stores, and the other where it lists the authorized sellers and stores.

Canon India Online Warranty

Canon India Online Authorized Stores

“We are considering separate warranties, for example a oneyear warranty for online and 15 months for offline,” said Alok Bharadwaj, executive vice-president at Canon India. “The problem is that the online retailers are providing heavy discounts that destroy the price point of offline traders.” – Source

This has been picking up more recently after the Big Billion Day sales on Flipkart, Amazon India and Snapdeal where products were sold with huge discounts, and the brands were unhappy with these online stores for the predator pricing.

Update: There are listings where it is clearly mentioned that the seller is authorized to sell the product, and the warranty is covered. You are totally safe there. But if you still want to blindly purchase a product without checking, don’t blame the company or online store for that.


  1. KetanK says:

    The article is not at all clear.
    1) Does warranty get void for all past purchases also or only for future purchases from these websites?
    2) Flipkart clearly mentions that all the products sold on their site are genuine and covered under manufacturer warranty. In that case how can warranty be void on genuine products?
    3) It would have been better if you would have taken a statement from flipkart, snapdeal and amazon too and published their point of view of whether warranty is valid or not. Presently the article is giving only one sided view.

  2. Chetan says:

    Hey Ketan, I am in the process of collecting statements from both, manufacturers as well as from the online stores! Will update ASAP.

  3. sudhir says:

    can someone confirm this warranty if we buy through flipkart.
    i have purchased TV now and LG ppl denied for installation and DEMO.

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