Accept the fact – You weren’t smart enough to choose from those online deals

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October 3, 2014
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October 10, 2014

Accept the fact – You weren’t smart enough to choose from those online deals

Online Retailers

Online RetailersWe need to accept the facts, and be wise enough while checking out these deals on, Snapdeal and Amazon India, all the three of them had some excellent attractive offers, and most of them were just come-and-go where one couldn’t add them to the cart but we did nothing but crib about not getting any of them. Rather than calling Flipkart a fraud or anything, we should have checked how they played with the GOSF last time. It was the same, increase in price a couple days before the offer day and then giving little discount, which was something like a huge deal for new buyers.

If we already knew Flipkart is doing that, rather than checking out every product out there, we should make a list of best products that we need and check if there is actually any deal worth trying out. If not, close it and get back to work. Don’t try for those cheap steal deals, because you might be one of those lucky buyers with wings to get one, but if not, you are joining the list of thousands of sad buyers who didn’t get it and start blaming the retailer. Are they really listening to you? if they had, they would have done something different from what they did last year. Isn’t it?

Everyone here is for business. Out of 1000 devices, they might be giving just about 10 of them for those steal discounts of 99%, and that is obvious. Are they running a charity to give out all those 1000 for almost no price? what was important for us as a buyer, was to look out for the products that we actually want, rather than to check out what these stores are offering with discounts. Get the difference?

Amazon India has some excellent offers, still going on and I have bought about 7 products from them, and it is just two products I bought from Flipkart, although this Big Billion Day was all about Flipkart. Amazon India stole the show, and Snapdeal tried its own ways. But the end buyer wins, only if he is wise enough to have a list ready to see if he is getting significant discount in any of those stores. Running behind the very cool discounts on products which we never intended to buy and use, is just a waste of time. You are lucky only if you got it in your cart. If you didn’t, you are again wasting your time by crying about it.

Your tweets about Fraudcart, Fakecart, Scamcart or Flopkart aren’t helping at all. They are just attracting retweets and favorites. Flipkart isn’t listening to you. Be wise and buy what you wanted to, if you see a good deal.


  1. Vicky says:

    Shut Up. I agree that there was no charity going on, but then why did they pretended for one? You are saying about planning i did planned for Nikon D5200, HTC desire 816, Moto G, MOTO X 2nd and many more but got what? The question is that why are you shouting loud when nothing is there.! Okay you would day it’s for attracting new customers, what about retaining the previous one’s?

  2. Chetan says:

    Do you think the previous customers are going anywhere else? Is there a store you would still recommend any new buyer apart from Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal right now? If you wanted to buy something tomorrow, you would still go to the same store even if you said it loud that you won’t open Flipkart again in your life. That is how the scene right now is. Have you guys lost it by thinking you are getting things for almost no cost? look at what happened after I had posted this. I have still seen orders getting canceled (only the steal deal ones) and people were getting Rs. 500 in the wallet as a gesture of “sorry” from Flipkart. And each of the customer there was very happy about it. That’s the state right now about eCommerce in India.

  3. Vicky says:

    Yups i accept that i will buy from these stores only, I am not the lucky one getting 500 instead my great deals are gone because of 1 extra order as they are all in the same package, thats the worst thing otherwise all is ok. The thing was i were expecting more and after having a good sleep i am fine now :P. I feel sorry for my words friend.

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