Off to Gujarat for a trip

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June 14, 2009
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June 21, 2009

Off to Gujarat for a trip

The date for start of the trip was 21st June actually, but FlyKingfisher rescheduled it to 20th June and i could not do anything much, as the flight on 21st was totally canceled by them and every passenger was given an option to change the date or they were just getting the refund of tickets back if they were not happy with the change.


Anyways, as me and my family have to go, we decided to take the tickets for tomorrow.. And the total flight cost for 4 members was Rs. 13,200 and the rescheduled flight tickets cost is Rs. 1,00,316 for which we had not paid a penny extra, as it was not our fault with cancellation of the flight.
So, we are starting tomorrow morning and i would be staying there till 28th i suppose, and we would be visiting a few temples and places that we have not visited since years(am not caring about the exams that are going to be on 14th july).

You can still keep a track of me and my brother Amit Bhawani on twitter @sizzler_chetan and @amitbhawani as we might be posting updates from there as both are carrying our laptops and the internet data cards that can come handy to check the online stuff periodically too.
And thanks to Kingfisher, tomorrow the whole day would be wasted as the flight is going to take around 13 hours to reach Ahmedabad from Hyderabad, taking stops at Raipur and Indore.


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