How to increase concentration while studying

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June 13, 2009
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June 19, 2009

How to increase concentration while studying

My exams are after a month, and yes, am totally tensed but can just dampen those tense feelings by staying online for sometime and blogging. I and my friends were sitting and talking about the exams and just randomly searched in Google for tips to study and concentrate better for exams. And an article on HowStuffWorks was a great read with good tips about studying and improving concentration.

It teached about PQRST method for building concentration while studying –

  • P = Preview
  • Q = Question
  • R = Read
  • S = State
  • T = Test

studyFirst sit and preview everything that you are going to study, and skim through it to get an overview of what all you are going to read.
Then ask yourself some important questions about the topics you are going to read, or are already reading. Read over the paragraphs and their headings to bring out some questions from your mind.
Now start reading and read every part of the chapter, making it easier with the headings and underlining the paragraphs you understood. Don’t underline anything the very first time. Also think about the points you are understanding, and relate them.
Now after you read the chapter, state the answers to the questions you previously jottled down before reading the topic.
Test out yourself after everything finishes, to make sure how well you understood the chapter. Taking a help of friend to conduct a quiz would also be good.

This is what i would try to do this time to study and concentrate more for my exams.

The other things am doing to prepare myself are – Sit in an empty silent room, close all the windows, put on Music on low volume to keep my concentration on studies and not elsewhere.


  1. srijita says:

    this suggestion was very helpful for me . Thankyou !

  2. patel tejal says:

    i want to ask the question. if the boy is not doing for suggestion you told.

  3. Thanks for this suggestion

  4. hemlata says:

    thanx yar u hv made my concentration strong

  5. hemlata says:

    thanx yar u hv made my concentration strong gud bye

  6. praveen says:

    thank u very much for u r suggestion….

  7. mere concentration kabhi bhi padiye me nhi lagata. mere man me dushre khayal ate hain woh b padiye k baqt he any one please help me.

  8. kiran says:

    i cant concentrate ,, while studying,, pls help me ??

  9. bhagwan singh says:

    it is very good to read the book with concentation.

  10. ganesh malve says:

    i like your suggetion

  11. sakshi says:

    very good way to increase concentration i like it very much

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