Making this Diwali different for myself, and for the smiling faces around me

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October 10, 2014
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October 30, 2014

Making this Diwali different for myself, and for the smiling faces around me

Aadarana Camp

Every year, Diwali is celebrated with family by prayers, sweets and crackers. I’m taking one part of it out of the plan, and brining something else into this. I’m not going to fire crackers this time, and the entire expenses of that (a good amount) are going for a good cause – smiling faces of children in an orphanage.

Eco-friendly we call it, when we don’t fire crackers. But are we doing good enough by just sitting idle on some good occasion? I feel we aren’t, and although this is totally a personal choice, I feel we should be doing something good for the world around us. I have donated earlier as well, and always felt good about it. But this time, I am doing this to see the smiles in the faces of those little kids who are learning to become responsible citizens of the country. They have nothing, literally, and thus they know how much they have to expect from people around them – nothing. And thus, we doing something for them is surely going to help them out of nowhere.

I have rarely gifted money to orphanages. I have my own understanding behind that, thus I have conducted camps, donated old stuff and this time, I have planned something and will be doing it on the festive occasion. There are so many good people around me, who have raised their hand promptly to help in whatever way they can – goods, money and they didn’t even ask where am I going to donate. They just asked, “how much is the total expense?”. Each of them have their limits but they know why they were going to say “Yes”. It was for the humanity.

Aadarana Camp

This was a free dental checkup done by us, in 2012.

If you are reading this with your “pessimist” brains, please ignore and leave. I don’t want such questions like “Why choose diwali” or “why to donate”. I have seen people asking me why to donate to orphanages when most of the money is taken by the administration / owners there. Sadly, there are such things really happening out there, thus I am no where donating money – it is some useful goods I will be giving to the kids directly.

If you want to join hands, help and donate, you are free to do so – connect with me, or if you are from some other state, there are many needy people, children around you to whom you can donate. Do it, make others smile, feel happy and fulfilled. This is not me showing off, this is me trying to inspire 🙂

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