MTV Roadies 9 – Arsh Voted Out, First Roadie to be sent back: Jaipur Episode 3 review

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MTV Roadies 9 – Arsh Voted Out, First Roadie to be sent back: Jaipur Episode 3 review

So the first voteout of the Roadies 9 happened, with Arsh being sent out by 8 contestants, against the 5 who voted against Abhishek Shetty. Who do you think deserved to go out? for me, it was Arsh himself, as Shetty could stay for a few more episodes and play his politics before being kicked out. The 3rd episode of Jaipur was a big FAIL by the contestants. No performance, at all. Abhishek for first, then the girls with ZERO knowledge!!

The task was a lil hard, admitted by Raghu himself behind the scene, but still it was to get through and get the immunity. You won’t work for that too? Abhishek couldn’t stand for a second and he fell from the pole, again motivated by Ranvijay Singh, he could stand only for four seconds before putting his second leg back on the pole and losing the team game against Arsh and group. Anirudh was no wrong in abusing Abhishek, but the Maa.. Behen.. Bhai and the vulgarity, not needed. If it’s Roadies, it doesn’t mean you happily keep using those words. We get bored listening to the same.

Arsh Roadies 9

And the General Knowledge test, Wah! Girls, you are no way near normal. You don’t know the full form of NASA and ISRO, Dimple? How did you pass? And Manali, I thought was good initially, until she thrashed all the thoughts by answering the Washington “DC”, full form as Deputy Commission!! Poor guys, the fluid injected directly into their ass and the girls are laughing loud and enjoying it. Thank god that you are the girls here, so sitting and playing around with the answers so easily.
Manali was stupid earlier too, with the discoverer of America being called as Vasco Da Gama, before she corrected it saying its Columbus. But she didn’t help Kanak stay immune, and he too had to take the help of the lifeline and get the injection dose. Once he was getting the injected, and he was done, he asked “Kya, Ho gaya?” – the most funniest part. The other guys were like almost crying for the same, and this dude is in shock that it’s done so easily!

Dimpy, you try to be one of those hollywood kinda girls, couldn’t answer the real names of at least one English super hero?? of the 5 questioned! Vikas’ frustration there was no wrong.
Khushboo was trying well.. but then Manali, again showed her stupidity saying 25 cents is called 25-cent in America, and not quarter. Kanak was a poor guy to stand silent and see his partner answering with so much of stupidity.
Khushboo’s last try was a bad one.. but explainable. No girl had brains, so Khushboo was no exception. Michael Phelps is from US, how can be play a commonwealth game? She said he won 8 medals in it.

Vote out:
Lots of politics played, it was Arsh and Abhishek on the main focus, but why were the girls being spared? no one has got the immunity, and the GIRLS are more responsible for that after the quiz!
Anirudh being the best friend of Arsh, voted against him. That’s friendship in roadies. He explains the same: Roadies mein dost ka matlab hai Dhokha.

Abhishek abhi to bach gaya, aage kitna jayega pata nahi. Thodi bahut Hindi seekh li, body bana li aur ban gaya roadie. Jaldi hi nikalenge usko, Dimple ke saath.

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  2. It was sad for jaipurites like me , anyways its all part of the show.

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