Review: “Revolution 2020” by Chetan Bhagat

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Review: “Revolution 2020” by Chetan Bhagat

LOVE.CORRUPTION.AMBITION is what explains the book, the story “Revolution 2020” by Chetan Bhagat. After reading many negative reviews, I still didn’t find one valid point which could explain why the book disappointed them. The narration? I love it always. The way things are explained, the story drag, nothing was boring this time. The language, like a few claimed to be a bit slang.. but isn’t that what sells these days? The book is written entirely for the youth and when 35+ year olds review it.. the results are always disappointing [for the review readers, not book readers].

chetan bhagat revolution 2020 book

First off, the story.. expected at many parts but in the end.. I thought Raghav would be the loser! I was wrong. A good twist in the end, Gopal the loser is the winner on the other side for himself. One thing I genuinely didn’t like is the unnecessary drag by involving that MLA Shukla. He should have gone just like Gopal’s father, whose story actually made me sentimental. Typical dad of a failed student, always full of tensions, giving the same tensions to son while he leaves the world.

The poor fellow from the ghats of Varanasi showing his feelings to a girl who later commits herself to someone who has the revolution in mind, who always wants to change the things happening around in the country. The narration is excellent, as always and the struggle by Gopal is explained in a way that makes you involve into the scene. As I observe in all the books by Chetan, he explains the attire of each girl in a way that makes you feel they are right in front of you, the color patterns, the dress type and the punch lines to explain the attire.

Being a guy, I would love it more as it explained how things the girls talk, are actually meant the other way. Read the book as a reader, and not a critique or reviewer, you will like it. Don’t want to drag the review, and just would end it saying you won’t waste the Rs. 140 for the 296 page book read. The characters are so well etched that you can compare them to the movie characters, and the scenes in the book to the actual movie scenes. Won’t be a surprise to see this book being made into a movie in the coming future [though that shouldn’t have controversies like the 3 Idiots one]

Rating: 3/5


  1. Chetan your review surely makes me buy this book . Will give it a try..!! Well, A chetan reviewing another chetan’s book 😀 😛

  2. Chetan says:

    Tanya, sure give it a try! Doesn’t cost much with money and time :p

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