Beautiful pencil sketches by Pooja Majage

Pooja, a sweet friend of mine is well talented in many ways. One of them would be this – Pencil sketches. She isn’t into serious arts, and this sketches making is just a hobby but I was just in love with her work. She makes sketches, sometimes from her own imagination and sometimes by taking any picture as an inspiration. In the end, the result comes out perfectly. Here are a few of her cool drawings which I really liked. Do comment and let her know if you liked them. Here is Pooja on twitter!

Love the contour of the smile and the beauty in shades!
Pooja pencil sketch

The innocence of face could be made from her eye! Love the way the curtain covers half of the eye.
Pooja pencil sketch

The wings portray all the beauty in her! The shades of what she is clad in, are perfectly blending!
Pooja pencil sketch

Looking towards the destiny of their love!

Dancing with eternal glory
Pooja pencil sketch

Walking against the wind, where my destiny takes me to!
Pooja pencil sketch

Beautifully sketched. The hair line and the eyes looking behind.

And and and, if you are want to share them somewhere, do include her name or twitter handle in the source.


  1. I’ve always liked pooja’s work…. Glad you show cased it!

  2. Thanks a lot chetan… and the captions are perfect… Thanks for posting them :)

  3. i’m already a big fan ;)

  4. Hi Pooja, Myself Khushi……ur pics r so nice…..u will glad to know that i m also a creater of pencil sketches n i have many like u………ur pencil sketches r so beautiful……..keep it up…

  5. swarg jeet amit says:

    there is a very cice thought in the art

  6. nice work pooja

  7. terrific drawings… grt

  8. i jus loved these sketches …..i have recently started making pencil sketches so m gonna follow one of ur sketch …that angel or may be the couple…

  9. heart touching drawing i liked it very much…im a impressed a lot..

  10. gr8 job!!!!

    really its fantastic.

    u r oing very well

    carry on.

  11. These are amazing! :D

  12. hi pooja i likes your sketches ….

    my self dhiraj from pune…

  13. awesome work mam….so deep thoughts behind evry girl…intersting

  14. superb sketches :):)

  15. Hi Pooja..
    I also do sketches and its my best off time hobby.
    So I want you to take look on my pencil work,can you tell
    me how to post here?

  16. very nice work. pooja

  17. nice sketing pooja!!!!!
    really nice…….

  18. good work pooja…..

  19. its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  20. vivek muskan says:

    hi pooja ,i’m vivek ..ur sketches are so good… can i add soome of my own sketches in your account….i hope u really like it…what u say..please reply

  21. kirti mishra says:

    very very beautiful sketch…

  22. katherine says:

    Pooja,those sketches r so AWSOME.I wish I could sketch that good.LOL.Later dudes

  23. amzing// :)

  24. praveen says:

    Hello. . .pooja ji , i don’t know how a persion make a beautyful sketch. . Like a real persion. . I want 2 learn how make sketchs. . .please help me. . .my fb id .

  25. These are some really nice drawings!

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