My Name is Khan movie review

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February 11, 2010
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February 12, 2010

My Name is Khan movie review

Shiv Sena should withdraw their issues, once they watch the movie!
Story summary:
When I first watched the way Rizvan Khan walks, thinks in the manipulated way as his mom taught him.. reminds me of Forrest Gump (starring Tom Hanks) who had a low I.Q. but still manages to live his life with the support of his mom, and his physical skills. But this movie My Name is Khan is not at all similar to it. Its about a boy Rizvan Khan (Shahrukh Khan) with Asperger Syndrome who is born and brought up with under the guidance and of his mom. He grows up and shifts to America where his brother has a business running, and wants him to join in and help. There he meets Mandira (Kajol) and this is the first time ever he makes an eye-to-eye contact with someone, and the narration explains his feeling pretty well. Mandira is divorced, and has a 6-year old kid, and the affection between Rizvan and her slowly builds up, eventually leading to their marriage and things later change in a way that Rizvan being a muslim becomes a unspoken reason for their son’s death.. and later he struggles his path to finally meet the President of America, to prove his innocence, and regain the love he had lost some time back.

Read this, if you just don’t want to make this movie a comedy –
Asperger Syndrome is a disorders, where the person has problem in social interaction and can not stare at anyone, cannot easily get into discussions, has a tendency to repeat any phrases once trained in that way. They lack reciprocation of social or emotional behavior, and fail to understand the emotions of people until they are explained verbally. They can’t stand fast moving objects around, can’t react easily to loud and fast talking people.

Read and understand the above lines clearly, then go watch the movie. Hated to listen to the commentators sitting behind me and shouting, laughing when the disorder-based problems and scenes were being displayed in the movie. Once Rizvan’s mother explains him the basics of life.. that there are just 2 kinds of people – Good and Bad, I too set my mind to watch most of it from Rizvan’s mind and not like a normal one. The movie is not a typical Karan Johar-SRK type yet you will love it. It has a message, for the whole world. Learn it from the eyes of someone who is not having a socially stable mind.

First half has the majestic Sufi’ish voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan added up by Shankar Mahadevan with the song Sajda.. and Tere Naina, where the beauty of eyes of Mandira (Kajol) is explained, totally added up by the innocence, niceness, frankness of Rizvan. Who said SRK is just an actor who runs movies with his fame? My Name is Khan proves all of them wrong. Its Shahrukh in a very different role, and no one except Kajol would suit Mandira’s role. The chemistry between the jodi for the small time though, is excellent. Noor-e-khuda occupied the second half, and that too pretty well when Rizvan starts off with a mission, to regain the lost love.

Its a simple, slow-going and silent movie.. and that’s how it has to be. The only point I didn’t feel good about, is the Georgia hurricane scene where the unrealistic feel could be easily made out. Post 9/11 scenes and dialogues were pretty well set. One which I could still recollect –
Duniya ki is taareekh ko do hisson mein dekha jaata tha, BC aur AD. abse teesra bhaag ban gaya – 9/11
Hazaaron pannon par lakhon baar likh sakta hoon, I love you, Mandira. Par ek baar bhi keh nahi paaya tumse.

This movie is perfectly made to prove that relationships are not always made with blood, but love creates and strengthens them. Tanay Chheda (young Rizwan Khan.. the middle-aged Slumdog Millionaire kid) and Yuvaan Makaar (Sameer) were fantastic. Everything including cinematography, screenplay, direction was very well portrayed, and Shankar Ehsaan Loy were able to spark up the joyous moments, as well keeping it low at sad ones. Jimmy Shergill, Sonia Jehan also played their part pretty well.

As I said before, the movie has to be watched after you gain some gyaan about the syndrome being shown in the movie. Its worth a watch, and more than once too. Intelligent experiment by KJo in using the African-American Presidential name to show how the world is changing, in terms of relations and reducing discriminations. People are not to be judged by their names,


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  1. ravi says:

    Oh MINK Is Very Sheet movie It is very boring Please dont see it Save ur money
    My name is khan nahi dekhna chaiye usse se accha ishkiya dekhne jana

  2. Vineet says:

    I perfectly agree with Ravi. There were lot of expectations from such a over hyped movie. It was boring at several stretches. Certain typical Karan Johar types love scenes, beautiful sceneries, etc. were infused into the movie, but that just made it just another movie. Specially after watching 3 Idiots, I felt very sad after paying 350 per ticket in PVR Banglaore. It’s not worth. Hope others will not waste their money.

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