Hope Runs – help raise funds for children

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Hope Runs – help raise funds for children

Harish Iyer, adult survivor of child sexual abuse,

“I was seven years old when it started. I was at a relative’s home. As always, he wanted to give me a bath. He soaped me to a rich lather and suddenly started playing with my penis. I didn’t know how to react, but didn’t mind it. I think it felt nice, though weird. He asked me to do the same to him and I obliged.”

“All my childhood I lived a dual life—the life when I was being abused, and the life when I wasn’t. It dictated my very being. It was years of continuous abuse, years of pain, years of breach with not a single soul to reach out to. I bled from my anus often, and once did gather the courage to tell mom. And she thought it was because of the summer heat. I don’t blame her now. She was completely ignorant about the fact that male children are susceptible to sexual abuse and need to be protected.”

Harish Iyer, being one of the survivors, doesn’t want others to survive as he did, and wants you all to support him for the Mumbai Marathon which he going to run on 17th January, 2010 for Arpan, helping them to prevent child sexual abuse.

Arpan is an organization that tries to reduce the ill effects due to the child sexual abuse, and also its prevention. It does the following –

  • PREVENTION – Empowering adults & children with skills to protect children from sexual abuse and
  • HEALING – Enabling victims & survivors of abuse to heal and live beyond the trauma of their abuse

Core activities include –

  • Spreading awareness to everyone
  • Teach Personal Safety skills to children in schools which can make them protect themselves from sexual abuse
  • Heal child victims and adult survivors through counseling and therapy so that they are able to heal and live beyond the trauma of their abuse
  • Build practitioner capability to deal with Child Sexual Abuse cases to facilitate better healing of victims and survivors

Lets join hands with Harish and support his cause. Help him raise funds for ARPAN, which would be used to help children protect themselves, counsel them about sexual abuse and help the victims heal from the ill effects or trauma due to the abuse.

Funds collected so far – Rs. 76,100/- Target amount – Rs. 1,01,000/-

How to pay?

Click here to pay online

To pay via cheque, please send cheque in the name of ‘United Way of Mumbai’ to
Unit 24, 2nd flr, 105, Apollo Street, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Mumbai – 23

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