Warning about an online scammer(friend)

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October 19, 2009
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November 10, 2009

Warning about an online scammer(friend)

This is a warning to all those who are into online business, and deal with people who you don’t know, blindly! I have welcomed myself to the world of broken trusts, scams etc. lately when someone whom i trusted did things that were never expected, by me, by my friends and we had been into this wrong trust on him for the past 3 years.

Introducing my so-called-friend Chaitanya to you all.. who goes with many identities on the web(which obviously are fake ones), like chaitanyatvk, johnmacellen, someswara(yeah this is his dad’s name, who is always blamed for what this guy does), chaitanya and many others which I never tried to search for or research. One small mistake I did, resulted in the accounts and passwords of my 6 accounts being stolen.
Yahoo mail, and through it, 2 of my blogs, 2 gmail accounts, 1 DIGITALPOINT FORUMS account(90% of my online business runs on it) and 1 paypal account were stolen and the passwords, email information of each of them changed so that the recovery should not be easy for me. Still, lucky that my gmail accounts had SMS account verification, i could recover that instantly, and Yahoo account was linked to private mail, so that too was recovered very soon. But the other accounts were all so well spoofed away from me, that I had to get myself banned on digitalpoint forums to avoid him misusing the account and then, waiting for couple weeks, talking to the forum administrator(all thanks to my bro for supporting me) and finally getting back my account.

I lost nothing here, my paypal balance remained the same but still I am posting this out in public to warn others so that they don’t fall into the scam of this guy. If ever you see the username related to the names mentioned above, just try to avoid doing any deals with him. It would just be a few dollars that you lost if he scammed you, but there are hundreds like you who would be getting scammed in the same way and finally he loots away hundreds of dollars, with no scratch left behind. He has done this many times before, and is still in the belief that he can live his life of scams and cheats for always.

When I got a mail into my private gmail that my account information has been changed, the email changed to was, johnmacellen@yahoo.com which I thought would be some other hacker who hacked the account for nothing. But another friend of mine told me that he has seen this email address earlier used by some guy whom we knew in common. A small search in google and digitalpoint forums, showed that the johnmacellen username in those forums was used by the same guy Chaitanya.

This is the first time, I taught someone what I knew, and showed him what the online world has, and where you can make your living, and I was backstabbed. I was cheated. Trust broken. Damn about the friendship.
This guy knows nothing else than cheating people, and earning in the wrong way. Everything happened on 24th september and nearly after 15 days, i.e. 11th October, my digitalpoint forums account was recovered after multiple conversations and trials.

Since 3 years, he has been learning things from me, and applying each in the wrong way, appreciating me for my work and everything, and still everything just in front of me. Behind me, he is just opposite to it. Remember the name, Chaitanya TVK. He is on twitter too – http://twitter.com/tvkchaitanya and also after all that he did, he keeps messaging me on IM, phone asking things just to confirm if I am aware of what all he did. I could go legally against him, or just smack him down with all my friends supporting it. But I don’t feel all that necessary. I’m sure he would read this post, and formally know the fact that am aware of what all he is doing online, with me and others.
Still, if he continues to bug me with the same issue later on, legal or illegal, it would be hard time for him. I have all the proofs saved with me, so no worries for me.

I am still collecting all the usernames that he uses in various forums, or mail accounts so that any name related here should warn you anytime you are trying to do business online. Few of them already mentioned above. No wonder how many accounts he has made on digitalpoint forums, and got banned unlimited times. Still continues doing it.
No one in my college trusts him, but that’s not what I want. People in my college are not going to deal with him anytime, its you guys who are reading it and are into online business, who should be taking things into mind.

Please don’t trust anyone blindly(this was my mistake)!

P.S. For those who came to the 3rd Hyderabad Tweetup, at Barista, Banjara Hills, will recognize who this guy was, as you met him when he came with me there for the tweetup.


  1. Deep Ganatra says:

    Dude, if you know him then what are you waiting for? Lodge complaint with the cyeber cell and the very next moment the guy will start peeing in the pants..

    Should take action against the person..

  2. Karthik says:

    In a world where people’s online identities are more important than their offline identities , things like this could really hamper a lot of stuff . Glad that you did not face any consequences..

    and thanks for posting it to update others about this guy 🙂

  3. cheth says:

    dude don’t let that guy go away after doing all this to you…. what a shame and how big retards friends can act! disgusting! just nail him down we will help you.

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