My brother Amit Bhawani’s Home Office Setup

Every tech savvy person or a tech blogger has a good setup of his computer and gadgets all at one place in their office usually, but many chose to have the same at their home. I live at hostel so i don’t have any similar kind of setup, and i keep roaming with my mac.

My brother Amit Bhawani, who usually blogs and manages everything from home although there is an office :p has shared the setup of the computers, which you can check here –

Here are the gadgets he has at the workplace –

  1. Apple iPhone
  2. Apple 4G iPod Nano
  3. Sony Vaio CR Laptop
  4. Hp Mini 1001 Laptop for Travelling
  5. Samsung 22? T220 Monitor with High End CPU
  6. Canon Powershot G9
  7. DLink Wireless G USB Adapter
  8. Netgear DG834G Wireless-G Router DSL Modem
  9. Hp Deskjet free Printer
  10. Creative Inspire 2.1 Speakers
  11. Couple Pen Drives upto 8Gb
  12. Tv Tuner Card for Laptop Pc
  13. Logitech Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set

I myself have nothing else but an Apple Macbook, Apple iPod Nano 4G, A Nokia N70 and Nokia 5310 mobile phones, Intex 4.1 Speakers at my hostel. And that’s more than enough for me. :)
How’s your setup?


  1. Nice Video Mate…Best of luck for new office..I most like TV behind PC..:)

  2. Got everything that an office should have in it , and this is managed well ” BEST OF LUCK BROTHER”

  3. that is a nice setup bro, keep going

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