How to deactivate Idea Dialer Tone/Caller Tune

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How to deactivate Idea Dialer Tone/Caller Tune

My mother uses Idea Prepaid cellular service and the service Sucks! Really! What we call as Spam on the internet, Idea is the spammer for mobile phones. She receives around 10 SMSes from Idea regarding their products and services, which no one is interested in. And the next issue with them, is the Customer service.

They never talk to people, are they really busy or they actually don’t have much people to engage with the customers? Unknowingly the Dialer Tone service got activated without our confirmation and around Rs 40 was being cut every month, and the song was some Telugu weird old song which no one would like to hear when they call my mom. So i tried many times connecting to their customer service, but always failed. But finally, one of my friends helped me out with it.

Deactivating the Dialer Tone was too easy..
Sms DTDEACT to 55456 and you are done. You would be getting an SMS that its deactivated within an hour. But never expect to do that through the Customer care service, as you would never be connected. Airtel is way better than Idea when talking about the customer service.

As from the comments:

1) DT DEACT –> 55456 @ 3/- Pre Msg. ( Service will be deactivated in 24 hrs)
2) DEACTDT –> 12345 @ Toll Free ( Service will be deactivated in 24 hrs)
3) Come to Dealer/Retailer from where you recharge your number ask him to give request at dealer desk from his own number
4) Call on your customer care number : Visit

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  1. dear sir plz
    deactivate my dialer tone please my 9718859288

  2. Niteesh.k says:

    i need my monthly rbt,so plz deact

  3. Dakshata Jadhav says:

    Dear Sir plz
    deactivate my dialer tone please my no. is 8108673014

  4. Celina says:

    Vikram you can call 198, I have used this number in from Reliance CDMA and iDea Cellular phone numbers. They will deactivate your subscriptions instantly. They will also help you to know what other services are activated into your mobile.

  5. Ammini thomas says:

    Dear sir

    Deactivate my dialer tone please my no. is 9961771748

  6. SHAIJU says:


    DT CAN SMS TO 55456

  7. piya chauhan says:

    Dear sir

    Deactivate my dialer tone please my no. is 9917778047

  8. Dr.Dipak Tukaram Khot says:

    If any body calls me on my mobile no.9702277341 , i want that instead of normal ringtone they should listen Sai Bhola Bhandaree i.e. Saibaba bhajan.
    please make necessary things.
    Dr.Dipak Tukaram Khot

  9. narayan phadke says:

    pl deactivate dialer tone my no is 9822298122

  10. Pradeep says:

    I want to deactivate dialer tone in Idea No.9964447499 please. My money is unnecessary wasting. there is no reply for SMS. Hopes take more interest on customer drawback.

  11. butt shahid says:

    Plz sir deactivate my caller . Z +919086949384

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